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Airline Emissions

Don't let American and United sue their way out of cutting climate pollution.

Take action today.

In puffed up corporate sustainability statements, American Airlines claims to promote "global solutions for the benefit of generations to come." And United Airlines declares "protecting our environment is a shared responsibility."

So why are American and United suing to block European Union's standards that require airlines to start reducing their global warming pollution from flights to and from Europe?

Please Take Action: Tell the CEOs of American and United that if they really want to be good corporate stewards, they should stop trying to sue their way out of climate pollution standards.

There is nothing new about greenwashing. For years, corporations have spent millions on glitzy ad campaigns to sell their image instead of actually taking steps to clean up their environmental impacts.

But, it takes a special kind of cynicism for corporations to launch greenwashing campaigns at the same time they're filing a lawsuit directly challenging pollution standards set by duly elected governments.

That's why last week, EDF joined the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), Earthjustice, Environment America, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Sierra Club in sending letters to the CEOs of American and United urging them to drop the lawsuit.

You can join our call for American and United to drop their lawsuit by emailing the companies today.

The stakes are high. Climate pollution from aviation is rapidly increasing – up 87% since 1990 in Europe alone.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that aviation is now responsible for around 3.5% of climate-change pollution, a figure that could rise to as high as 15% by 2050.

Unfortunately, other efforts to create international aviation standards have dragged on for more than a decade without resolution over questions of what country is responsible for which climate emissions.

That's why the European Union's climate pollution limits for airlines are so important. Starting in 2012, climate emissions from aircraft will be capped and airlines will have to reduce their pollution gradually through 2020.

These modest reductions have been embraced by some forward-looking airlines, including British Airways, Air France, and KLM, who are taking steps to comply with the EU standards. Unfortunately, American and United have opted for obstruction over innovation.

Please Take Action: Email American and United and urge them to drop their lawsuit against EU's airline emissions standards.

Annie PetsonkThank you for your activism and support,
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Annie Petsonk
International Counsel

PS – Continental Airlines is also a party in the lawsuit, but is now merging with United. So a letter to United's CEO covers Continental too.

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