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Dear EDF Supporter,

Earlier today, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced a strong new clean air rule that will slash air pollution from power plants, save lives, and make the air healthier to breathe for 240 million people across the eastern U.S.

The new "Cross-State Air Pollution Rule" – otherwise referred to as the "Good Neighbor Rule" – will put tighter limits on the amount of acid-rain causing sulfur dioxide and smog-forming nitrogen oxide pollution power plants in 27 eastern states will be allowed to emit.

These pollutants are carried in the atmosphere across state borders and contribute to dangerous – and sometimes lethal – levels of particulate and smog pollution in downwind states.

Please take a moment to send Administrator Jackson a thank you email and tell her how important strong clean air standards are to you.

More Background

Today's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule replaces the Bush-era Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), which was rejected by the U.S. Court of Appeals in 2008 because it did not adequately cut pollution and protect human health.

As EDF President Fred Krupp said in our press statement today, the new rule "will provide some of the greatest human health protections in our nation's history… and will help all of us live longer and healthier lives."

The health and economic benefits of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule are enormous. Starting in 2014, the rule will:

  • Save up to 34,000 lives per year;
  • Prevent 400,000 asthma attacks per year;
  • Avoid 1.8 million sick days per year; and
  • Provide benefits of $120 to $280 billion per year.

This is a great day for clean air and for environmental progress.

Please take a moment to send Administrator Jackson your thanks for standing up for cleaner air.

Thanks for your activism and support,
Environmental Defense Fund

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