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Dear Climate Activist,

Today is a good day for climate progress in America and for the thin layer of atmosphere that sustains life on Earth.

Moments ago, a federal appeals court upheld EPA's climate pollution emission standards, rejecting four legal challenges that had been filed by industry groups and several states' attorneys general.

The court ruled in favor of clean air protections in four major cases, denying petitions against the Climate Pollution Endangerment Finding and the Clean Car Standards and dismissing petitions against the Timing and Tailoring Rules.

EDF activists submitted tens of thousands of comments in favor of these critical rules and today's court decision affirms our efforts to defend EPA's common sense solutions to promote cleaner air and a safer climate future.

This ruling also comes one day after the public comment period closed on the proposed new EPA rule that would limit climate pollution from new fossil fuel power plants. An incredible 113,579 EDF activists joined a record-shattering 2 million Americans who submitted comments in favor of this rule that, if implemented, will help end dirty energy as we know it.

These are huge accomplishments made possible in large part thanks to the generous support and committed activism of you and hundreds of thousands of other EDF members. Thank you for all you do and please join me in celebrating today's historic ruling.

FredKrupp-w_jpgThank you,
Fred Krupp

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