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Your gift today will help rebuild the Monarch butterfly super-highway so we can bring Monarchs back from the brink.

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Spring is nature’s season of birth and rebirth. Tiny young animals take their first steps, flowers bloom, hibernating animals awaken from their slumber, and those who wintered in warmer locations begin to make their journey back home.

But increasingly, human activity is making it harder and harder for migratory species like the Monarch butterfly to find their way home.

Please make a gift to help us save the Monarch butterfly before it’s too late.

Monarch butterfly populations have declined by a heartbreaking 90-95% in the past two decades, a result of habitat loss and pesticide use.

Caring souls—perhaps including you—have planted milkweed to welcome Monarchs in your garden, but many of you have been disappointed to see few butterflies pass through.

The truth is, backyard gardens cannot adequately substitute for the Monarch super-highway that once stretched from Mexico to the northeastern states of America.

That’s why EDF is enlisting farmers, ranchers, and forestland owners in a massive effort to rebuild the Monarch super-highway.

We call it Habitat Exchange. The idea is simple: make conservation attractive by paying farmers and other landowners to plant and preserve milkweed habitat for Monarchs. The higher-quality habitat they maintain, the more they can earn.

Talk about a win-win for people AND wildlife!

Your gift today will launch pilot Habitat Exchanges across the Monarch’s territory in 2016 and begin to rebuild the Monarch super-highway.

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P.S. Last month, we asked you to share your personal Monarch stories, and the response was overwhelming—and heartbreaking. Ellen M in Maryland shared a story that was all too common of a theme:

"When my family moved from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, MD (I was 13 at the time) the town used to be on the migration route for the monarchs, from up north down to Mexico. Every migration season, millions—clouds—overwhelming blankets of gorgeous monarchs would flood into Allegany County, stopping traffic and dropping jaws with their brilliance! It was an annual blessing and something to look forward to with delight. But I went off to college in 1978 and moved away. When I moved back in 2001 to help care for an ailing parent...the monarchs were gone. No clouds, no swarms, nothing but the very rare, occasional monarch flitting on its own, headed south. I have noticed it and missed it for the past 15 years. I plant milkweed, don't use pesticides, do everything I can to encourage the growth and return of the population, and so do many of my friends locally—but the glories of the past are, apparently, past...and I am desolated!"

Please make a donation to bring Monarch butterflies back from the brink.

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