Environmental Defense

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Environmental Defense Action Fund

Dear Friend,

We're half way through our 72-Hours for Clean American Power campaign, and the calls continue to pour into Capitol Hill.

Thousands and thousands of calls have been made and in many cases we've filled Senators' voicemail inboxes and jammed the phone lines.

We need your help to keep up the pressure.

Please call your Senators today.

If you've already called, please call again. If you haven't, now is your chance to join the fight for our clean energy future.

Every call carries as much weight with Senate offices as 100 or more emails. So please call today.

If you are unable to call for whatever reason, please send an email to your Senators urging passage of a strong climate and energy bill. We need to put maximum pressure on the Senate if we have any chance of getting something done this year.

This is a very critical moment in our campaign. Meaningful legislation is within our reach. Please do everything you can over the next 36 hours to urge your Senators to act now.

Thank you for your activism and support,
Environmental Defense Fund

If you've already called and emailed your Senators, thank you. Now, please consider making a donation to support our campaign against global warming. This 72-Hour campaign is costing us thousands of dollars, so please help out with a generous donation today.

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