Support EDF when you shop Amazon this holiday season

This year, when you shop on, every gift you buy for a friend or loved one can also be a gift for the earth and all the people and animals who live here.

Just designate EDF as your charity on AmazonSmile, and a portion of the purchase price of every item you buy will be donated to EDF to help us protect our environment and fight global warming.

1. Start by visiting

If this is your first visit, you’ll be prompted to search for the charity you want to support. Just search for “Environmental Defense Fund” and click the “Select” button.

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If you’ve already selected another charity, you can change your support to EDF by clicking the “Supporting:” link in the upper left-hand corner of the page, and clicking the link to “Change your charity” on the box that pops up. You can change your charity as many times as you want—but we hope you’ll choose EDF for all your purchases!

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2. Then, a portion of every qualifying purchase you make on AmazonSmile will support climate action!

After you select EDF, you’ll receive confirmation of your selection. From then on, every qualifying purchase you make at AmazonSmile will help protect endangered species, safeguard our health, fight global warming, and unleash our clean energy future.

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Please note: Purchases made through will not benefit EDF, so be sure to start at every time—there’s no extra cost to you.

This is a great opportunity to make your holiday budget go further. Please designate EDF as your charity to help us earn a piece of that pie at no added cost to you!

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