WATCH: Turning the Corner Towards Climate Stability

In this pre-recorded webinar, you'll learn concrete, actionable goals that we can focus on over the next five years to turn the corner towards climate stability by reversing the trend of rising global climate emissions.

In the first 30 minutes, our key climate staff present a series of high-impact strategies for reducing short-term and long-term climate pollution in the places that are the greatest sources of climate emissions: the U.S., Europe, China, and the Amazon.

After giving this high-level overview, the experts field questions from a live audience.

I've been on citizens advisory boards and to webinars on other subjects. This was best by far—three great speakers, scientific slides easy for laypeople to understand, and impressive Q&A’s... Thanks for a great webinar, looking forward to another one!
"Tonight's event was encouraging, because sometimes I get discouraged about whether we can make a difference concerning climate change, so thanks for your optimistic attitude."