It's Time to Get Scott Pruitt Out of the EPA

It's Time to Get Scott Pruitt Out of the EPA

EDF Action has never before called for the dismissal of an administration official. But EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s record is so egregious, and so at odds with his sworn duties, we have no choice. He has shown no interest in protecting the environment.

Instead, he has worked to derail more environmental safeguards in a shorter period of time than ever before in EPA’s 47-year history—all while spending close to $43,000 of taxpayer money to ensure nobody at EPA overhears his conversation with the President or the oil and gas industry executive he routinely hosts in his office. What is he hiding?

We must bring all of Scott Pruitt's misdeeds out into the open—and hold him accountable. Join us today, and help us reach one million signatures calling on President Trump to dismiss Scott Pruitt!


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