Protect New York from Climate Risks of Methane Leaks

Methane Potency

New York's aging natural gas pipes are prone to corrosion and leaks—posing a climate risk, as well as a danger to public safety.

The main component of natural gas—methane—is a potent greenhouse gas that is contributing to climate change. And although policymakers in New York require gas utilities to find and repair leaks, there are too many leaking pipes in the state.

The New York Public Service Commission and the state’s utilities are working to increase public awareness and to accelerate the repair and replacement process. Tell the New York State Public Service Commission that you support efforts to provide the public with better data regarding leak locations and their initiatives to speed up repair and replacement of older, corrosive pipes, and that more needs to be done.


  • Chair Audrey Zibelman


Protect New York's environment from dangerous methane leaks

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