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Protect North Carolina's Critical Environmental Policy Act

Hundreds of EDF activists in North Carolina told the State House NOT to concur with the Senate version of a dangerous bill that guts the state's critical state Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)—and they listened. They voted 106-0 to reject the Senate's far more extreme version.

For now, SEPA—which guarantees that when your tax dollars are being spent on a major project, all environmental impacts are evaluated and less-damaging alternatives are considered—is safe. But not for long. The North Carolina House passed their own version of the "Gut SEPA Bill," and soon they'll join a "conference committee" with the Senate to settle on a final version of the bill. We still have a chance to either stop the bill or make it much less harmful than its current form.

Take action today: Tell the North Carolina House to fight to maintain the strongest SEPA possible.


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Please protect SEPA when conferencing on HB 795

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