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Tell New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte to Keep Up the Good Work.

Sen. Ayotte

  • Protecting Our Environment
  • Fighting for Clean Air and Healthier Families
  • Working toward Clean, Renewable Energy Solutions that Keep Our Air Clean and Support Good-Paying Jobs
  • Leadership to Address Our Future Environmental Challenges

United States Senator Kelly Ayotte has demonstrated through her leadership in Washington that she is committed to protecting the environment by supporting clean air, clean water and energy policies that benefit New Hampshire families for generations to come.

(Roll Call Vote #11, 1/21/15; Vote #115, 3/26/15)

Complete the form below to send a "Thank You" message to Senator Ayotte. Thank her for being an independent voice in Washington for New Hampshire and our environment, and tell her to keep up the good work.


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Thank you for being an independent voice for New Hampshire and our environment.

Dear Senator Ayotte,

As a New Hampshire resident I appreciate your support of commonsense environmental policies including cleaner air, cleaner water and renewable energy solutions - that begin to address the challenges we face in the years ahead. I encourage you to continue being a leader on these issues in the Senate, and thank you for always putting New Hampshire first.

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