RSVP: Pittsburgh Oil & Gas Climate Pollution Event

The EPA has proposed new regulations dealing with the oil & gas industry’s main climate pollutant. But for this rule to be finalized, and to truly change the face of future oil & gas endeavors, we need to show a groundswell of support.

The EPA is holding a hearing—accompanied by a rally—on oil & gas climate pollution in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, September 29th. EDF staffers will be there—can we count on you to join?

The hearing will be at the William S. Moorehead Federal Building (1000 Liberty Avenue) from 9:00 am — 8:00 pm, giving you a wide range of choice for when you'd like to attend or speak. Details are still being finalized for the location of rally, but it will near the hearing at 11am, and we'll have free t-shirts!


Yes, I'll be attending the EPA's oil & gas climate pollution hearing in Pittsburgh!

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