We Have a Chance to Rebuild the Gulf—Don't Let it Slip Away

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We have no time to get this wrong. Since the BP disaster, hundreds of thousands of birds have lost their lives, and tens of thousands of endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtles died in 2010 alone. But we can restore their habitat, and protect these vulnerable creatures—if we think big and make sure we're leveraging restoration dollars.

The RESTORE Council recently made an important step, and approved its first Funded Priorities List—a small-scale compilation of restoration projects and programs the Council will fund with Transocean's fines. But if we're going to achieve true, comprehensive restoration, and coordination with other funding streams, the Council will need an updated Comprehensive Plan, including a science-based process for prioritizing future projects, focusing on large-scale proposals.

Take Action: Ask the RESTORE Council to update its Comprehensive Plan to ensure the best decisions are made for Gulf restoration.


Please ensure restoration funds are put to the best possible use.

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