Thank Leading Businesses for Standing Up For Climate Action

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Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Google, IKEA, Mars, Microsoft, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts: these are some of the leading businesses that took a historic stand for climate action and cleaner energy. Just days ago, these iconic companies filed "friend of the court" briefs in one of the most important legal cases over our nation's climate security—the litigation brought by coal interests and their allies attacking the Clean Power Plan.

Some of the nation's biggest polluters are in court. And now, some of our nation's greatest innovators are there too—explaining their own efforts to invest in zero carbon clean energy, the bottom line business benefits of clean energy, and the importance of policies like the Clean Power Plan that reduce climate pollution and expand clean energy availability.

Stand with them: Thank these leading businesses for standing on the right side of history.


Thank you for filing a "friend of the court" brief supporting the Clean Power Plan

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