Help Cut Florida's Natural Gas Climate Pollution

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The main component of natural gas—methane—is a potent climate pollutant, over 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in the short term. But 20% of the natural gas mains operated by TECO Peoples Gas are at least 50 years old, making them prone to leaks and releasing environmentally harmful methane emissions into our air instead of keeping it in the pipeline, where it belongs.

Florida has taken important steps to address the methane problem, putting it ahead of many other states. But the Florida Public Service Commission should also require utilities to use state of the art technology for leak detection and quantification, enhance transparency in leak abatement efforts, and conduct more frequent leak surveys.

Take action: Thank the Florida Public Service Commission for tackling methane pollution, and ask them to make even greater progress in reducing natural gas leaks.


  • Florida Public Service Commission (PSC)


Please adopt regulations to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of Florida utilities' leak management efforts.

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