Don't Let Trump Reverse Progress on Chemical Safety

Tell Congress: Don't Let Trump Reverse Progress on Chemical Safety

We are still living with the toxic consequences of chemicals that were let on the market decades ago without adequate regulation and scrutiny of their safety. For example, even though Congress largely banned toxic PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) more than forty years ago, the chemicals still threaten kids’ health due to their continued widespread use in thousands of schools built before the ban. They’ve even been found in some of the few remaining killer whale populations.

Two years ago, Congress finally strengthened our broken chemical safety law. But a law is only as good as its implementation — and all of that is now at risk. The Trump Administration is taking every opportunity to dismantle chemical safety: writing illegal rules for implementing the law, ignoring real-life exposure to chemicals when evaluating their safety, and giving the green light to new chemicals to enter the market without sufficient testing or review.

Don’t let the Trump EPA reverse the critical progress we’ve made on chemical safety. Tell Congress to demand that EPA follow the law and take actions needed to protect public health.


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Please ensure the new bipartisan chemical safety law is protected.

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