Using New Technologies to Address Pipeline Leaks in Arizona

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The main component of natural gas—methane—is a potent climate pollutant, over 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in the short term. Arizona natural gas utilities have been proactive in replacing older, leak-prone pipes on their systems. Still, there is room to improve their efforts using new, advanced technological solutions.

In order for Arizona to make further progress in minimizing harmful pipeline leaks, its utilities should be required to use state of the art technology for leak detection and quantification, enhance transparency in leak abatement efforts, and conduct more frequent leak surveys.

The Mesa City Council recently committed to improving their data practices and openness as one of the first cities selected for the Bloomberg Philanthropies “What Works Cities” initiative, making this an opportune time to consider how better and more transparent leak data can be used to advance utilities’ leak management efforts in Mesa, and more broadly in Arizona.

Take action: Ask the Arizona Corporation Commission to require gas utilities to adopt state of the art technologies to advance leak abatement practices in the state.


  • Environmental Defense Fund


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