North Dakota's Oil and Gas Waste Problem

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It's a waste of energy on a massive scale—and a serious climate problem. Without proper infrastructure and safeguards, too often the oil and gas industry "flares" natural gas, simply burning it off, releasing dangerous pollution in the process—and as it burns, your money burns along with it.

Wasteful flaring as well as venting and leaks from oil and gas wells on federal and tribal lands wastes $330 million worth of natural gas nationally per year, and $76 million from North Dakota alone. The Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management has finalized a rule that limits this dangerous and wasteful practice—but the new Congress is saying they will try to roll back these needed rules.

Please reach out to Senator Heitkamp today, and ask that she stand up for these crucial fiscal, climate and public health protections.


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Please stand in favor of BLM's crucial natural gas waste limits

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