Tell Congress: Protect and Defend our Clean Air and Water

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President Trump has promised to kill America's first-ever national limits on climate pollution. He has said he'll pull us out of the UN Paris Climate Agreement, undermining our international leadership. And he has vowed to dismantle the EPA—starting by nominating Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt (a man who has built his career attacking the EPA) to lead the Agency.

But Americans didn't vote for dirtier air and water. According to a recent survey of self-identified Trump voters, nearly two-thirds supported a proposal requiring companies to reduce carbon emissions. More than 4 out of 5 Trump voters believe there should be federal regulations on drinking water. And nearly 4 out of 5 support federal regulations on air pollution.

If President Trump won't protect and defend our clean air and water, we the people will. Tell Congress: Don't let a new administration undermine our bedrock environmental protections.


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