Take Action: Californians Deserve Clean Air

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In the face of a Presidential Administration that is unleashing a budget proposal that slashes the EPA by nearly one-third—as well as Executive Orders that take aim at the safeguards that protect the air we breathe and the Clean Power Plan, America's first-ever national limits on the dangerous carbon pollution spewing from our coal-fired power plants—California needs to stand stronger than ever, and continue to take the lead in fighting for clean air.

We now have even stronger evidence that the air we breathe is not equal. As EDF worked with our partners to map air quality in Oakland, we found an ongoing prevalence of harmful emissions in the air Californians breathe every day—including numerous "hotspots" of dirtier air in residential neighborhoods near freeways, industry, and other sources.

In California, state leaders have taken crucial steps to move towards a cleaner future. Take action today, and tell your state legislators to protect California's crucial efforts to clean your air and protect public health.


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