Take Action: Protect America's Clean Air Safeguards

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Clean air protections implemented by the EPA have saved lives and provided trillions of dollars in benefits to the economy through reduced health impacts and other benefits. But the Trump Administration has already unleashed multiple attacks that put these protections at risk—from a budget proposal that slashes the EPA by nearly one-third, to Executive Orders that take aim at the safeguards that protect the air we breathe and the Clean Power Plan, America's first-ever national limits on the dangerous carbon pollution spewing from our coal-fired power plants.

EDF and its partners' recent project mapping the air quality in Oakland, California clearly shows that even with these safeguards in place, pollution continues to plague communities. The pollution that these maps reveal in residential neighborhoods in Oakland echoes the concerns of communities across the country that are affected by poor air quality every day.

Americans deserve to know that the air we breathe won't make us sick. Tell your members of Congress to ensure our bedrock environmental protections are kept safe—and we are, too.


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