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Thank Maine's Senators for Opposing Scott Pruitt's Nomination

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The Senate has voted to put Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a polluter ally who has repeatedly put the best interests of industry ahead of Americans, in America's top environmental seat. This vote took direct aim at America's bedrock environmental protections—but Senator King opposed his nomination, and Senator Collins broke with her party to stand on the right side. In the coming weeks, they will have an opportunity to continue this positive streak by blocking a dangerous attack on crucial pollution limits.

In America, oil and gas companies are responsible for more methane pollution than any other industry. Together, we worked to put in place first-ever limits of the dangerous climate pollution that the oil & gas industry is leaking, venting, and flaring on our public and tribal lands. Now, all of that is at risk. The House has already voted to roll back these standards—but 11 House Republicans crossed party lines to vote against the attack. Now, the fight moves on to the Senate.

Take action today. Thank Senators King and Collins for standing up for our environment—and ask them to do it again.


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Thank you for opposing Scott Pruitt. Please also oppose attacks on BLM's Natural Gas Waste Rule

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