Tell Scott Pruitt: Americans Want a Strong EPA

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It's official: EPA has new leadership. Scott Pruitt now sits in America's top environmental seat. And the Trump Administration is already pushing to roll back the Clean Power Plan—America's first-ever national limits on the carbon pollution spewing from our fossil fuel-fired power plants. But at his own confirmation hearing, Administrator Pruitt stated that "there is a legal obligation presently for the EPA Administrator to respond to the CO2 issue through proper regulations."

As Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt answers to you, and it's up to Americans everywhere to ensure that he stays true to those words. The truth is there's not only a legal obligation, but a moral one, to ensure we don't leave the burden of climate change to our kids—which is why we can't stop speaking out for their future. This is our chance to protect them from not only climate catastrophe, but also the dangers that go along with this pollution—asthma attacks, hospital visits, and deaths. We also need Administrator Pruitt to defend programs that reduce pollutants like mercury, smog, and the particle pollution that harms scenic vistas in our national parks.

Let's overwhelm the EPA with support for climate action. Send Scott Pruitt your message today!


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