Thank Gov. Kasich for Taking On Oil And Gas Pollution

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Ohio Governor John Kasich has joined with Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler to finalize policies that take aim at the pollution caused by the oil & gas industry. This is a huge step. 2016 was the hottest year on record, and methane pollution was responsible for about a quarter of that warming. And in America, oil and gas companies are responsible for more methane emissions than any other industry.

Reducing these leaks won't just seriously cut Ohio's climate pollution. It also limits the Volatile Organic Compounds—dangerous pollution that contributes to smog and to a host of health issues—helping Ohioans like you breathe easier. And it reduces the amount of natural gas that companies waste, returning this energy source to the customer instead.

Take Action: Let Governor Kasich know you're standing with him. Thank him for putting principles above politics.


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