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Fight Back: Stop the War on Clean Energy in Ohio

You shouldn't have to pay for FirstEnergy's bad business decisions.

Fight Back: Stop the War on Clean Energy in Ohio

FirstEnergy has been trying and failing to get a taxpayer-funded bail out of their old, dirty, uneconomic coal plants for years. And they’ve just launched a new attack. Under House Bill 239 and companion Senate Bill 155, FirstEnergy and other utilities are again asking Ohioans to pay to keep open old power plants that aren’t needed and continue to lose money—and they’ve added in House Bill 381 to bail out FirstEnergy’s nuclear plants, too.

It is not your fault that FirstEnergy refused to modernize—that while other utilities started to embrace clean energy innovation, FirstEnergy doubled down on coal.

Tell the Ohio legislature: FirstEnergy needs to face the consequences of its bad business decisions without subsidies from Ohio taxpayers.


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Reject the FirstEnergy Bailouts (SB 155 and HB 239 and 381)

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