Thank Gov. McAuliffe for Countering Trump's Climate Attacks

Thank Gov. McAuliffe for Countering Trump's Climate Attacks

Today, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe made a big move, directing the commonwealth's Department of Environmental Quality to get to work cutting carbon pollution. Under this new plan, the DEQ will propose regulations for the State Air Pollution Control Board to tackle carbon dioxide from power plants—using market-based mechanisms and a multi-state trading program.

And the governor made it perfectly clear what drove this decision, stating, "As the federal government abdicates its role on this important issue, it is critical for states to fill the void. Beginning today, Virginia will lead the way to cut carbon and lean in on the clean-energy future."

This is the kind of leadership America needs—and we need to overwhelm Gov. McAuliffe with support. Take action today, and thank him for standing on the right side of history!


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