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Tell Congress: Protect Our Beaches. Protect the EPA.

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As the Trump Administration attempts to gut the EPA's budget and handcuff the agency, we need to safeguard our summers by blocking their attacks on the EPA. If President Trump and Scott Pruitt get their way, the EPA budget will be slashed by nearly a third. The agency's beach monitoring grants program would be eliminated, and America's shores could go from idyllic seascapes to hideouts for disease and decay.

We need these protections: Already this summer, 3 major beaches in St. Petersburg, Florida had to close after higher-than-normal levels of fecal bacteria were found in the water. America's children deserve sandcastles and sunshine—not a closed beach and a "no swimming" sign.

Take action today, and tell Congress: Save our summers. Don't pass a budget that puts our beaches at risk.


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Please reject budget attacks on the EPA

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