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Don't Let Congress Put Our Health At Risk

America needs a healthy, well-funded EPA. It keeps our air and water clean, and saves lives.

Don't Let Congress Put Our Health At Risk

America needs a healthy, well-funded EPA. It has made our air and water dramatically cleaner since it was established in the early 1970's, saving countless lives and protecting our health.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria showed us, once again, the importance of a fully capable EPA. Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico have seen serious public health crises from pollution—and EPA’s work is critically important to protecting the people there.

But even as EPA works to help Americans recover, the agency is in danger. Congress has already cut its budget to nearly its lowest level in forty years, in real dollars. Now the Trump administration wants to cut it more than any other federal agency—by nearly one-third. That would devastate its ability to protect our health—and let illegal polluters get away without consequences.

Here are a few examples of the damage that could be caused by the Trump budget:

  1. The cleanup of toxic waste sites will be slowed.
    There are more than 1,300 toxic Superfund waste sites and 450,000 brownfield hazardous sites across America, causing untold damage to local communities, such as toxins in their drinking water, cancer hotspots and stalled economic development. Trump and Pruitt plan to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from this program, dramatically slowing cleanup at these sites, many of which have been posing health hazards for decades.
  2. Polluters let off.
    Pruitt's long, cozy relationship with companies that have supported his political career—and his actual record as Attorney General of Oklahoma—suggest he'll go easy on polluters. Want more evidence? He's proposing serious cuts to the office that enforces clean air and water laws.
  3. Harmful air pollution will increase.
    Pruitt has expressed hostility to rules limiting mercury, acid gas, carbon, and smog pollution and has proposed deep cuts to clean air program funding. That will hobble the EPA's ability to carry out the entire Clean Air Act.
  4. Toxic lead protection programs weakened
    There is no safe level of lead, a known neurotoxin that that damages children's IQs for the rest of their lives. Under previous administrations, the EPA has made great strides reducing lead exposure from paints, gasoline, pipes, and soil, but more than half a million American kids have elevated lead levels in their blood. The Trump-Pruitt budget slashes funding for programs that are helping these kids.

Please tell your elected representatives to stand up for our kids and oppose this dangerous turn towards a more polluted future.


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