Don't Let EPA Unravel Crucial Climate Protections

Don't Let EPA Unravel Crucial Protections

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is doing all he can to take the “Protection” out of EPA.

He is trying to delay common sense standards that require companies to look for leaks for new oil and gas facilities— protections that keep our air cleaner, our planet safer, and actually save companies money by preserving a precious resource.

Methane is a major contributor to global warming—responsible for about 25% of the warming we experience today, and the oil and gas industry is its leading source in the U.S. And if allowed to continue, the leaks will be equivalent to the burning of 1.5 billion pounds of coal over the next 20 years. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that’s bad—and still, Pruitt looks the other way.

Take action now and tell Scott Pruitt: We want common sense protections now—for a better world and a better future.


Re: EPAHQOAR2010-0505; FRL-9963-40-OAR

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