Thank You! Now, Protect the Clean Power Plan:

Protect the Clean Power Plan from the Trump Administration

Any day now, we expect EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to follow through on President Trump's executive order attacking the landmark Clean Power Plan. According to the Administration's latest agenda of administrative actions, Pruitt will soon issue a proposed rule to revoke America's first and only national limits on the dangerous carbon pollution spewing from our fossil fuel-fired power plants.

This will be a disastrous mistake—and not just because large majorities of Americans in red and blue states alike support the Clean Power Plan. Revoking these crucial protections will cost American lives, threaten the health of our communities, and put at risk our dynamic clean energy economy.

Don't let the Trump Administration take us backwards. Tell Scott Pruitt: Revoking the Clean Power Plan is unacceptable.


  • Administrator E. Scott 'Scott' Pruitt


Revoking the Clean Power Plan moves America in the wrong direction

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