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Tell Congress: Don't Attack Our Protections

We desperately need a government that will ensure our safety.

“We were left for dead.” In the pitch-black of a car trunk, Janette and her husband—abduction survivors—thought hope was lost. But fumbling in the darkness, Janette found a cable that popped the trunk and freed them from the hopeless trap they’d been forced into at gunpoint.

After this disastrous experience, Janette pushed for life-saving regulations, and now every car trunk has an emergency release inside. Janette’s story proves that we desperately need a government that will ensure our safety—but some in Congress are working to attack the system that ensures we’re protected, tying it up with so much red tape that it will be nearly impossible for agencies to deliver the crucial safeguards we need.

Watch Janette’s story from our friends at Clean Air Moms Action—and take action to tell your Senators to reject legislation that puts Americans at risk.


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Please reject S. 21, S. 34 and S. 951

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