Southern Illinois Doesn't Deserve This:

Southern Illinois Doesn't Deserve This:

Central and Southern Illinois shouldn’t have to stand back and watch Chicago reap the benefits of Illinois’ groundbreaking Future Energy Jobs Act—but that’s exactly the consequence of Missouri-based Ameren’s new proposal to walk away from their legal commitments. Ameren broke its word to Illinois citizens, lawmakers, and companies, filing an energy efficiency plan with the Illinois Commerce Committee that falls drastically short of the goals they agreed to in this new legislation.

They now have the gall to ask the Commission to lower those goals so they can avoid penalties and even get tens of millions of dollars in a performance bonus—all while your communities breathe dirtier air, see fewer new employment opportunities, and pay higher energy bills than your northern neighbors.

Don’t stand for it. Tell your state lawmakers: Don’t let Ameren go back on its word.


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