Tell Scott Pruitt: Denying the Problem Doesn't Make it Go Away

The Environmental Protection Agency sets national standards for air pollution and implements solutions to health-harming pollution. But this agency—American families’ first defense against pollution and a critical guardian of our public health—is right now under attack. President Trump has proposed a 31% cut to the agency’s budget, and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt questions the very science supporting climate action and federal clean air standards.

Denying a problem doesn’t make it go away. Climate change is happening, and air pollution harms our children’s lungs, no matter what Scott Pruitt says. As parents, we must speak up about how important EPA standards are to our families’ health and future.

Our pollution prevention safeguards have been steadily working to protect American children. Each year, millions of children breathe easier because of the work of the EPA. What’s more, communities and states rely upon the support of the EPA to fund projects focused on keeping citizens safe and healthy.

Don’t let Scott Pruitt dismantle our nation’s leading pollution prevention agency. Take action now and tell EPA Administrator Pruitt: Hands off our climate and public health protections.


  • Administrator E. Scott 'Scott' Pruitt


Stop the climate denial

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