Tell the Senate: End Tax Breaks for Oil, Gas and Coal

Millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, corporate oil and gas giants - some of the world’s most profitable companies - are granted hundreds of millions of dollars in tax subsidies each year, all while they continue to contribute harm to a changing and endangered climate. We are subsidizing the very behavior that is destroying our planet.

What’s more, numerous studies find that eliminating subsidies for fossil fuel production would not have a significant impact on consumer gas prices. The Department of Treasury estimates less than a penny a gallon cost increase. Globally, for every $1 spent to support renewable energy, another $6 are spent on fossil fuel subsidies. To turn our planet in a sustainable direction, we must shift our funding from oil and gas to renewable sources.

Tell the Senate that it's time to end these tax breaks for wealthy and powerful oil, gas and coal companies.


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End fossil fuel subsidies

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