Defend Louisiana's Coast Against Devastating Budget Cuts!

The president's proposed budget would have devastating effects on Louisiana’s coast and the people, wildlife and jobs that depend on it.

The proposal eliminates funding under the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA), which Louisiana has historically dedicated to coastal restoration, storm risk reduction, and coastal infrastructure projects. In 2006, Louisiana voters passed a constitutional amendment to protect this money for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Trust Fund, to be used exclusively for coastal projects. This is hundreds of millions of dollars in funding that our state desperately needs!

The president's budget proposal also provides no funding for other important coastal programs, including the Army Corps' Louisiana Coastal Area restoration effort, which aims to slow the current trend of coast-wide wetland loss and protect our communities. The Louisiana Legislature recently approved the 2017 Coastal Master Plan, demonstrating our state's commitment to addressing its land loss crisis and protecting this nationally-significant region. Additionally, a recent statewide poll showed that 91 percent of Louisianians want funding dedicated to coastal restoration and protection to be spent on nothing else.

The federal government needs to keep its commitments to Louisiana by protecting GOMESA and funding for other crucial programs—make your voice heard!

Take action and stand up for coastal Louisiana today: Urge your members of Congress to protect coastal restoration funding!


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