Michael Dourson: Unfit to lead EPA’s toxic chemicals office

Michael Dourson, a Cincinnati-based toxicologist, has been nominated by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to oversee the chemical safety office at EPA. This office is responsible for protecting our children from toxic chemicals in consumer products and Dourson’s long history of pandering to chemical companies makes him unfit for the job.

Dourson has built a career consulting for chemical companies. The reports he has written, paid for by the chemical industry, have consistently and dangerously downplayed the health risks of exposures to chemicals like flame retardants, PFOA, chlorpyrifos, and even cigarette smoke. For decades, if you were a big company facing health challenges from EPA, you knew just what to do: Ask Dourson for a review of your toxic product. What you would get in return: A recommendation that the government weaken health standards for that chemical.

Dourson has built a career supporting industry polluters. He has worked for Dow Chemical, Koch Industries, DuPont, and Chevron to whitewash the impact of chemicals linked to a range of health problems.

He has downplayed the risks of 1,4-dioxane, established by scientists and medical researchers to be a likely carcinogen; PFOA, a poison that harms the developing brains of babies and children and has contaminated water supplies in New York, Ohio, and West Virginia; Trichloroethylene, or TCE, a known carcinogen used as an industrial solvent and degreaser; and Chlorpyrifos, an insecticide that harms the brains of babies and children, among many other chemicals.

Dourson even took money from Big Tobacco to downplay the health effects of breathing second hand cigarette smoke.

Tell your Senator: Dourson should not be responsible for protecting our children from toxic chemicals.


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Michael Dourson is unfit to lead EPA's work on toxic chemicals

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