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He Put West Virginians At Risk

Now, he might lead a crucial office at the EPA. Tell your Senators to stand up for you.

He Put West Virginians At Risk

DuPont had made a big mistake—and West Virginians were paying the price. The company had manufactured teflon and other products in West Virginia using a chemical called PFOA—which DuPont’s own studies had shown was toxic. Research has increasingly tied the chemical to kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid disease, immune deficiency, and other dangerous health problems.

And then the dangerous chemical began seeping into West Virginians’ water supply. It seemed it was time for DuPont to be held accountable. Instead, the company recommended that the State hire a man named Michael Dourson to lead a review. Dourson’s panel (which included DuPont officials) concluded that the high level of PFOA in the state’s water was safe—and as a result the company didn’t have to provide lots of West Virginians with clean drinking water.

A Senate committee will soon vote on whether or not Michael Dourson should lead the EPA’s toxics office. Tell your Senators to stand up for West Virginians and vote no.


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