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North Carolina's Senators Stood on the Right Side

Because of them, we’re on the verge of winning a crucial battle.

North Carolina's Senators Stood on the Right Side

Michael Dourson has dedicated his career to helping his chemical industry clients downplay concerns about their products and the risks they post to the American public. He does this by misusing science to claim that chemicals are safe at dangerously high levels. And now, President Trump has nominated Dourson to lead the EPA’s chemical safety office—which would put him in charge of regulating the very companies that have effectively been signing his paychecks.

Dourson was hired by DuPont to help defend its use of a chemical called PFOA, the predecessor to GenX, after citizens sued over water contamination in West Virginia and Ohio. Now, Southeastern North Carolinians are dealing with a crisis as GenX has infiltrated their water supplies. Much of what North Carolina's Department of Environmental Quality can do to address this problem relies on EPA's standards and expert assistance—so Dourson's nomination puts the health and safety of North Carolina's families directly at risk.

That's what convinced Senators Tillis and Burr to be the first Republicans to publicly stand against Michael Dourson. Take action today, and thank them for putting principles above politics!


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