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How the Tax Bill Guts Clean Energy

Overlooked provisions deal devastating blows to the wind & solar industries.

How the Tax Bill Guts Clean Energy

There are barely discussed dangers lurking in the tax bill that deal devastating blows to our country’s booming clean energy economy—while keeping billions of dollars of oil and gas subsidies in place.

The Senate version that passed in a frenzied vote early Saturday morning includes a “poison pill” that essentially ends the tax benefits gained by investors in clean energy—killing what has been a primary driver of the industry’s growth for decades. And the House version takes aim at incentives that have catalyzed wind energy investments, meaning wind developers in the middle of projects and counting on those credits will have the rug pulled out from under them. They will have to pay the costs themselves or abandon their projects.

Speak out before it’s too late: Tell Congress that you won’t stand for any tax bill that undermines America’s booming clean energy economy.


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