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Congress is Putting Wildlife At Risk

Don’t let them gut the Endangered Species Act.

Congress is Putting Wildlife At Risk

America’s most vulnerable wildlife is in jeopardy—because Congress is considering multiple attacks on the Endangered Species Act. This is an outrageous assault on America’s natural heritage. We can’t let it stand.

The Endangered Species Act only works if it’s based on sound science and the needs of the creatures in question are put first—and those are the very components undermined in two bills. The first would prioritize economic impacts over wildlife well-being, meaning species could be wiped off the map if protecting them was deemed too expensive. The second would require that state and local data be automatically deemed "best available science," even if other, better data was available.

Take action today, and tell your Members of Congress to stand with the 9 out of 10 Americans that support the Endagered Species Act—and against this attack on wildlife.


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