Take Action: Tell Toyota to Restore Our Trust

Toyota may have burst into the clean car scene with the Prius, and earned a reputation for being eco-friendly—but behind the scenes, they are now working to undermine the crucial clean air standards that protect our children and families.

In a shocking breach of public trust, behind the veil of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Toyota USA is working behind the scenes as the ring leader in pushing Trump and EPA to roll back fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks.

Thankfully, moms can detect a lie—and when we do, we get to the truth and take action!

And let's face it, moms hold a lot of power, including purchasing power. When it comes to buying the family car, moms will tell you that they are the deciders. When it comes to demanding more from their cars like fuel economy, moms are in the driver’s seat.

Tell James Lentz, Toyota USA’s CEO: Stop this assault. Stand up for clean air safeguards. Protect our children. Add your name, and we’ll make sure he hears your message. And you can remind him that moms are in the driver’s seat by using the hashtag #momsdrivechange to share our petition with your social networks.


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