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Another Industry-Funded Lobbyist Tapped by Trump

Don’t let this climate skeptic lead our energy & environmental policies.

Another Industry-Funded Lobbyist Tapped by Trump

Kathleen Hartnett White doesn’t believe that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant warming our atmosphere and putting all of us at risk—in spite of the clear scientific evidence. In fact, she once told Rolling Stone that “we’re not a democracy if science dictates what our rules are."

As she spread this misinformation, she accepted funds from Koch Industries, the American Coalition for Clean Coal, and more fossil-fuel industry bigwigs. She can’t be trusted to put public health above special interest lobbyists—so why has President Trump nominated her to lead the White House office charged with coordinating energy and environmental policies for the federal government?

We can’t let this nomination stand. Take action today, and tell your Senators: Don’t put a climate denier in charge of the Council on Environmental Quality.


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