Crucial Bird Protections Put At Risk

Crucial Bird Protections Put At Risk

With its spiky tail feathers and puffed-out chest, the greater sage-grouse is America’s own punk rock peacock. They once roamed the West by the millions—but as booming oil, gas, and other development has encroached on their habitat, the bird’s population has declined by a whopping 95%. So Americans jumped into action, and formed unexpected partnerships to bring this majestic bird back from the brink.

But before the plans even have time to work, the U.S. forest service is putting it all at risk. They're looking to change land management strategies in the West—potentially devastating these crucial wildlife protections. When the Department of Interior launched a similar attack, it became clear that Secretary Zinke was giving in to oil & gas industry demands.

Don't let this icon of the American West disappear so that industry can see short-term gains. Take action today, and demand that wildlife safeguards remain in place.


  • Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue


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