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It's Time for Oregon to Step Up and Lead

Help ensure Oregon transitions from polluting energy to a clean energy economy.

It's Time for Oregon to Step Up and Lead

A recent poll from the Portland Business Journal shows that a whopping 95% of Oregonians think Oregon needs to step up its game when it comes to climate action. You deserve to reap the rewards of good-paying jobs, clean air, and local, renewable energy. And it’s time to guarantee that Oregon is truly a climate leader.

As 2017 drew to a close, Oregon was on the cusp of passing a bold law to cap and price climate pollution—the Clean Energy Jobs bill. The Oregon state legislature will soon reconvene for their 2018 session, and we need to make sure this bill is back at the top of their agenda.

Take action today, and demand that your state legislatures support passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill right away!


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