Tell Congress: Scott Pruitt is Failing as EPA Administrator

The Trump administration has jeopardized the integrity of the Environmental Protection Agency, cutting crucial safeguards that protect our communities and our children from air pollution and climate change. Standing at the helm of this sinking ship is EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. It’s time he was relieved of this command.

He’s had a year now to get his act together and stand up for our children’s health — instead, he has protected polluters. He has actively silenced scientists who advise the agency. He’s worked to unravel the Clean Power Plan, which cuts dangerous pollution from power plants while safeguarding our children’s future in the face of climate change. He has delayed pollution standards for the fracking industry. And he is rolling back tailpipe emission standards for cars.

Our representatives must hold the President accountable to removing officials from office that aren’t serving the American people. Tell Congress: we deserve an EPA administrator who will work to protect our families — that person is not Scott Pruitt.


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Parents call for the dismissal of Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator.

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