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Too Many North Carolinians Live in Fear

The State House acted to protect North Carolina from tainted water. Tell the Senate to do the same.

Too Many North Carolinians Live in Fear

North Carolinians shouldn’t have to worry that the water they’re drinking is making them — and their families — sick. But for much of the state, it’s a frightening reality. We rely on DEQ to protect our water — but over the past few years, the General Assembly has restricted its authority and slashed its budget, undermining enforcement and stripping away the vital resources necessary to ensure our safety.

In January, the North Carolina House passed House Bill 189 which would provide funding for the budget-starved Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to address GenX and other chemical pollutants showing up in drinking water supplies across North Carolina — but Senate leaders have refused to take action.

Take action today, and tell the North Carolina Senate: Leaving us unprotected is unacceptable.


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