Tell Congress: Scott Pruitt has got to go!

Tell Congress: Scott Pruitt has got to go!

Scott Pruitt is really not living his best life as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He’s facing criticism from Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between, for things like barring independent scientists from serving, calling for repeals and cuts to programs that protect our health like the Clean Power Plan (our best shot at reducing carbon emissions that are causing catastrophic climate change), and cozying up with his friends in the chemical and fossil fuel industries to put their profits over the health and safety of the American people.

All in all, removing Scott Pruitt from office would be a win-win for everyone involved (except maybe those polluters. We’d no longer have an EPA Administrator who refuses to actually protect our communities from environmental threats ranging from pollution to climate change, and Scott Pruitt would no longer have to listen to people who say he’s doing a truly horrible job.

Tell Congress: Scott Pruitt has got to go.


Young Americans Call for the Removal of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

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