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Is This Government Hazardous to Your Health?

If these bills pass, it will be. But you can help stop it.

Is This Government Hazardous to Your Health?

We rely on our government to ensure so much is safe: The food we eat. The air we breathe. The toys our children play with — and so much more. But right now, legislation is moving in Congress that guts the crucial federal safety protections we rely on to ensure that what surrounds us isn't putting us in danger or making us sick.

These two pieces of legislation — the Regulatory Accountability Act and the REINS Act — are direct threats to public health that have broad, overarching consequences. In short, they handcuff the government with red tape, making it nearly impossible for agencies to deliver the crucial safeguards we need.

These dangerous bills have already passed the House — take action today to stop them in their tracks in the Senate!


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