Defend the Endangered Species Act!

Defend the Endangered Species Act!

In the latest episode of “Wonderful Things Congress is Putting at Risk,” Congress is considering multiple attacks that would undermine the Endangered Species Act — attacks that put safeguards to thousands of species in jeopardy.

Two of these bills, H.R. 717 and H.R. 1274 put economic impacts over the well-being of wildlife and value state and local data as the “best available science,” even if other, better data was available.

These endangered species — from monarch butterflies to polar bears to gray whales, totaling at around 2,300 species — aren’t just beautiful. They are symbols of America’s natural heritage that play crucial roles in their ecosystems. It’s up to us to protect them. Tell your Members of Congress to stand with 90% of Americans in support of the Endangered Species Act.


Young People Demand Protection of the ESA.

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