Take Action: Save New York's Subway System

Take Action: Save New York's Subway System

It’s no secret: New York City's transit system is falling apart. Crippling subway delays and over-crowding on platforms and in trains are on the rise — and your streets are more congested than ever. Long and frustrating commutes have long been a part of daily life in New York City; but we cannot continue to allow our infrastructure to deteriorate and our skies to be choked by air pollution from traffic congestion when there are practical solutions readily available.

Now, we need Governor Cuomo and the New York Legislature to pass a robust congestion pricing plan this year that will not only create a steady revenue stream for public transit upgrades, but also reduce traffic congestion — and the smog and carbon emissions that come along with it.

Take action today. Ask the State Assembly and Senate to pass a bold plan that raises at least $1.5 billion in annual net revenue for our failing transit system.


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  • State Senator John J. Flanagan Jr.
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